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Please take the time to check out some of the questions we get on a day to day basis.
Our hopes are that this will help lessen the the flow of calls for simple answers and allow our small staff more time away from the phones and more time to pull and pack orders to speed up shipping times

How long are Production times?
Production times vary based on what items specifically you order.

Custom Cast items are made right here in Loveland by hand. Casting times range from 6-8 weeks for silver alloy to 10-12 weeks for solid bronze and solid Sterling silver buckles. If you are wanting a gold and silver plated buckle those normally take 14-16 weeks.

Apparel is ordered blank as it is ordered from us. Once we get the blank goods in house we run them through our in-house embroidery department in the order of oldest orders and rush orders first. The normal production time for embroidered garments is 3-4 weeks. During the end of fiscal year and for orders with over 50 pieces production times may be closer to 5-6 weeks.

Lasered items If we have the wood in stock for you order normal production time is 2-3 weeks. If we have to get your blank wood in stock, that can take 4 weeks, then the normal production time added to that.

Gold and silver pocket watches We try very hard to have these as an on-shelf item that can ship same week if no engraving is needed. Due to these being a popular item if we run out it takes 6-8 weeks for us to get them back in stock.

Gear, Books, Drinkware, & Accessories These items are normally in stock and can ship same week. If inventory is out at any time the normal time for those items to get to us is 4 weeks.

Do you offer Rush orders?
Yes. There is a 15% rush fee added to your order and all expedited shipping costs must be covered by the customer. The Rush fee pushes you to the front of the line in hopes that we can ship ground and meet your deadline. If we cannot produce in time to ship ground, that is when we use expedited shipping methods. All costs can be calculated for you at the time you place your rush order. WHC holds the right to deny any rush order at the time it is placed if we feel we cannot meet your date, even with extra charges. During the end of fiscal year rush orders are limited to first come first serve. If everyone calls and places rush orders all at the same time, there is no physical way for us to cater to them in a rushed fashion. Basically it takes the importance out of the Rush.
If you have a specific date you need please contact us here and we will be able to help problem solve over the phone with you to figure out the best possible situation to get you what you need, when you need it all while working with our production times.

When is my credit card charged?
**EFFECTIVE JANUARY 2014. Under standard practice we do not charge GOVERNMENT cards until goods are done and ready to ship. We can charge your card for any amount at any time by your request. We need to have you contact us to give us that approval. During Fiscal Year End we understand that most cards need to be charged by a specific date. It is you, the customers, responsibility to contact us and let us know the date you need your card ran. If we don't hear from you, we cannot assume you need it ran by a specific date and will charge it as the norm when merchandise is ready to ship. PERSONAL CARDS ARE CHARGED AT TIME ORDERS ARE PLACED.

How long does it take to ship to my town?
To the left here, there is a SHIPPING button that will give you an idea of how long it will take to reach your state once it has left our dock here in Loveland, Colorado.

What are your shipping costs?
To the left here, there is a SHIPPING button on the left, there is a list of how much it costs to ship based on how much you spend.

Are there other custom items you can make that are not listed on your site?
Yes. Feel free to contact us with your ideas and we will be more than happy to help you out.

What are you business hours?
Monday through Friday 8am to 4:30pm Mountain Standard Time. We do close from lunch from noon to 1pm.

Do you have a store we can come in and check out?
Unfortunately at this point in time we do not. We run as a mainly mail order company and warehouse. If you'd like to stop in and see how things are made we can set-up and tour. Please contact us prior to stopping in.

Why is there tax on my order?
This site is just to collect the data and send it to our main data base where all orders must then be entered. This site will show tax, however we understand that 95% of our customers are government and have tax exempt government issue credit cards. The only time tax will not be removed from orders are if you are non-government ordering in the state of Colorado.

What happened with the FS China? Will you offer them again?
In 2009 the cost was almost tripled on all Forest Service China pieces. When we order the goods from our supplier they make us order at least 500 pieces of each item. For us to absorb that cost and then ask our customers to start paying closer to $50.00 per piece just didn't seem reasonable for us at this point.
We hope that one day in the near future we will be able to either work a better price with Buffalo China to be able to continue the sale of these Historic Replicas. If we are not able to do that, we will be looking into other manufactures to see if we can offer something similar to fill the void. We are very sorry to have to discontinue this wonderful item that has been part of our catalog for so many years.
All online orders will show tax as all orders still need to be entered into internal database to become an active order.
*ONLY non-government orders in the state of Colorado will need to have tax added to their order.

ATTN: COLORADO GOVERNMENT CUSTOMERS If using Government funds on your purchase please call us at 800-303-5703 or
email with your order number and your TAX ID NUMBER, so we may remove tax from your order.

Credit cards are NOT charged at the time orders are placed online. PAYPAL ORDERS ARE PROCESSED IMMEDIATELY.

Prices subject to change. Prices on this site are correct, as printed materials may be outdated.

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