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  • A Tailgunner Looks Back

    A Tail Gunner looks Back will take the reader on twenty nine actual combat missions during the winter of 1943-1944. They will experience what it was like to fly in the tail of a Flying Fortress in some of the greatest air battles in history. Most stories...

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  • Amigos Remember

    Amigos Remember

    Collection of stories and reminiscences by members of the Southwest Forest Service Amigos. Edited by David Gillio. Softcover. 95 pages.

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  • Greatest Good DVD

    Greatest Good DVD

    The Greatest Good: Forest Service Centennial Film, 3-Disc DVD Set The Greatest Good DVD takes the audience on a journey as compelling as it is uniquely American. This documentary brings together national organizations, renowned historians, political...

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  • Greatest Good Soft Cover

    Greatest Good Soft Cover

    The Forest Service and The Greatest Good: A Centennial History James G. Lewis. A Centennial History is a companion to the film that traces the agency’s development from its beginnings as a one-man research outfit to today’s broad-based...

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  • Green Underwear & Badge With A Tree - Package

    Green Underwear & Badge With A Tree - Package

    FINALLY!!! These two great sellers can be bought together in this awesome package! The Badge with A Tree: By Stan Tixier. This prequel to Green Underwear follows the career and adventures of Forest Ranger Lew Weaver. Includes glossary and references...

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  • Ranger Trails

    Ranger Trails

    Ranger Trails By John Riis The Life and Times of a Pioneer U.S. Forest Service Ranger in the West on the La Sal, Santa Barbara, Cache, and Deschutes National Forests, 1907-1913

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  • The Lochsa Story

    The Lochsa Story

    The Lochsa Story explores the lessons drawn from two centuries of human interaction with northern Idaho's Lochsa country and how those lessons can affect management philosophies of similar regions across the continent and beyond. This personal narrative...

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  • Toiyabe Patrol

    Toiyabe Patrol

    Toiyabe Patrol Les Joslin’s memoirs of his time as a fire prevention guard on the Toiyabe National Forest during the 1960s. Softcover. 130 pages.

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  • Tunnel Book

    Tunnel Book

    Beginning a gold hunting vacation, barnstorming stunt pilot Bart Carter flies into a high country airstrip in the back- ountry of California’s High Sierra mountains. He finds his best friend murdered at the site of an old water tunnel that had been...

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  • Uncle Sam's Cabins

    Uncle Sam's Cabins

    Signed by the Author! A Visitor's Guide to Historic U.S. Forest Service Ranger Stations of the West - Revised Edition This revised and enlarged edition of Uncle Sam's Cabins is a step back in time to more than 90 historic U.S. Forest Service ranger...

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  • Walt Perry

    Walt Perry

    A memoir edited by Led Joslin. The story of Walt Perry's life in the US Forest Service is both a fascinating adventure and inspirational journey with a rough and ready gentleman of intelligence and integrity. Soft cover, 114 pages.

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