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Custom Cast Belt Buckles

STEP ONE- SEND ARTWORK:  art@westernheritage.com
Anything you got is welcome, ideas, doodles, vector images.  If you have an official logo you are wanting, it is always preferred to have a vector file.  This is anything that ends in .AI, .EPS, .SVG, and sometimes .PDF.  Black and white artwork is also preferred.  High resolutions of anything not vector is also the best.  If you don't have your file in any of these formats, don't worry.  We can help get things made for you.  We just try to help save you additional art costs and initial design time if we can get these types of files first.

Once Nicole sees your artwork she can let you know if there will be any art charges, need for 3D printing or sculpting and can quote you those specific add on prices.  After that below stays the same.

CASTING VIDEO: (more fun)
SLIDE SHOW: (more informative)

We need you to have an account with our online store so we can make a draft order on the backside of our system.  We will then send you a screenshot of the totals for approval.   


We will send you a final design approval sheet that is REQUIRED to be signed and sent back to start the process.  You'll need to call us at 800-303-5703 to make payment.  Both you and Nicole will get a copy of the paid official order after that.  You can just pay for set-up fees and order buckles at a later date.  Your buckle will be assigned an item number and placed in the appropriate section of our webstore where you can order them as needed directly online from there.  NOTE: buckles ordered before the sample buckle is made and sent to origionater for approval will be set on hold until the sample is approved.  Passcodes will be offered and made on a per buckle basis.


updated 2-9-24*

*Prices are subject to change due to metal being a traded commodity.  Investment (plaster for bronze casting) , wax, gas, electricity, and shipping costs have all been raised in addition to metal prices being on an upward trend.  Please understand we are not trying to unjustly raise prices, we are a super small company with less than 10 employees trying to keep the doors open.

Please let us know RIGHT AWAY IF YOU HAVE A NEED BY DATE OR EVENT DATE.  We can help create a reasonable timeline for getting your new design done to best meet your needs.  This process is LONG, please understand not all need by dates may be possible to reach.  RUSH FEES MAY APPLY.


•ART FEE: $40/hour to vector artwork First hour is free.  Not all designs are perfect for casting.  Modifications and suggestions will be made to help get the best product possible. 

•Mold fee: one time of $300 includes free production sample in bronze.  Silver alloy samples available for an extra $40.00

•Sculpting/3D fee: $350 - 600 pending design.  Sculpting is adding texture and depth to your design by having a commissioned artist sculpt or 3D render your design to size.  Not all designs require this.  Modifications and suggestions will be made to help get the best product possible.

•Serial numbering: $50.00 one time fee for sequential numbering.  Optional

 When requesting a number out of sequence you must add this item to your cart and pay the extra $15 fee.  


 This is ONLY if you are doing a number that is OUTSIDE of the normal sequence.  NOT ALL NUMBERS ARE GOING TO BE AVAILABLE.  EX: if you want #15, but the next open number for your buckle is 60 we cannot renumber any number that has already been numbered.  That compromises the whole point of having serially numbered items.  If you want something that is #154 and the next number is 60, we can do that for you.  We will do our best to note that #154 has been used and try to skip over it when we get to that point in the sequential numbering.  There is no 100% guarantee that there may not be duplicates when going further out on your numbering request.  

 BEST USE OF THIS REQUST: to use your specifc badge or call number.  LETTERS ARE AVAILABLE, but there is a very small area that we have to work with so the number of numbers/letters/characters are limited to 6.

•Blank backplate for engraving: Custom text or specific number requests are $15 per buckle. This is optional.  Buckles need to be molded with this backplate, if you'd like it please request it when placing your mold order.  

ART APPROVAL: signed art approvals are required to begin the process.  If you have paid for your order and the form has been sent to you 3 times, you have voided your option to change anything on the buckle without full payment on your part for the replacement mold.


After artwork is approved and mold fee paid for approximately 6-8 weeks for a sample to be made.  Additional 3-5 weeks for sample if there is custom sculpting on your buckle.  Times can vary pending the time of year.  During our slow season it's harder to fill the 12" round molds as there are fewer orders coming in.  This can make the molding step take 4-5 weeks, THEN the casting and finishing of the sample.  

Once the sample is approved we go into standard production times.

Buckle size: Can be made in any size or shape.  Prices below are for 3.5" or less.  Oversized buckles (over 3.5" long) add $4.00 per buckle in bronze.  Extra $8.00 per buckle in silver alloy.

Mold fees are for an individual item to be molded.  We use 12" round production molds.  The mold fee is for 1 item to be made.  Discounts can be offered if you would like to have more than one item molded at the same time.  The MOLD is shared with other customers.  WHC owns all molds, molds are not sold to individuals as they are part of a production mold and have many different customers artwork in them.


Solid Bronze 
1-24qty $79.95 each
25-49qty $77.95 each
50-99qty $75.95 each
100+ qty $73.95 each
+ $4 per buckle for oversized
Production time 7-10 weeks

$107.95 each
+ $8 per buckle for oversized
Production time 7-10 weeks

Solid Sterling Silver ** (aprox $695.00)
**Pending weight and current metal cost.  Due to the current silver costs the cost
of your buckle may vary at time of shipping according to current raw material cost.
Production time 8-12 weeks

SOLID GOLD: Every buckle is a different weight, we would calculate each indvidually.
This model gives you the basic rundown.
7.9 oz total to cast x $2193.30 per oz = $17327.07
Casting Fee $255
Finishing Fee $200
Shipping:  $250 USPS fully bonded
Total:  $18,032.07
Gold OR Silver plated 
$295.00 each for Sterling Silver plate
$320 each for Gold plate
Production time 12-16 weeks
This price is for a solid bronze buckle that is plated with gold or silver


All buckles that reside in the restricted section are set to different levels of protection from just anyone purchasing them.  We understand that crew captains can change.  If you are trying to get a buckle and need help resetting the passCODE.  Please contact NICOLE, nicole@westernheritage.com. 

BUCKLE PASSCODES are NOT the same as your login password.  What you use to log into the system to place orders is totally different that what you need to unlock the ability to order restricted buckles.


We guarantee your satisfaction.  You have the finest buckle available!  We are proud of our highest quality handcrafted buckles. MADE IN THE USA.  Due to humidity variations, your buckle may tarnish.  To restore it to its original high luster, lightly apply metal polish and buff with a soft cloth.  You may choose to allow your buckle to naturally wear to an antique patina.  If that is your choice, there is no need to polish it.  We guarantee our workmanship against cracks and breaks in your casting.  If you send it back to us we'll make it right or replace it and send it back to you in new condition.  EXCEPTIONS: plated buckles do not apply to the lifetime guarantee.In the event that your buckle needs repair:We need to determine what part of the buckle is busted.  If it's the boss or the hook, we will need you to send it to us for full replacement.   If it's just the bail you can get replacements here:https://westernheritagestore.com/buckle-bail/If you need to send it to us for replacement, please know we will melt down your buckle and use that metal to cast you a brand new belt buckle.  We will translate any serial numbering or engraving onto the new buckle.  There is no charge for this.  You get it to us and we'll take care of the rest.  We just ask that you send it to us with a note INSIDE THE PACKAGE with your name, phone number, return address and email if possible.  This way we can get it back to you as quickly as possible.  Repairs are priority, but as casting is not a fast process and can take 4-5 weeks.