6-12-24  PORTAL INVENTORY: Our wood folks router is out, and we are out of stock at the moment.  We hope to have them as soon as possible.  Orders will be done as quickly as possible as soon as we have the blank wood in stock.  We apologize for the delays this will cause.   

DISCONTINUED ITEMS:  These items are STILL available until there is no stock left.  

In the case that you have added something to your cart and it says you cannot order, reduce your quantity and try again. 

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Proudly handmade in the USA.  Veteran owned and produced.

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    Choose from black or brown plain belts in your size.   Men's belt size is equal to pant size PLUS 2 inches.  There is always room to tuck a larger belt, but you can never make a belt longer if it's too tight. Buckle NOT included. NOTE:...

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  • Buckle Bail

    Buckle Bail

    This is the wire attachment on the back of the buckle. If you have an issue with the boss or hook on your buckle please call us at 800-303-5703. We stand behind our work and if you are having an issue with your buckle you can return it to us and we...

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